La Compra de tu Primera Casa!

La Compra de tu Primera Casa!

Hoy en día existen muchos programas que pueden ayudarte   a comprar tu primera casa y  realizar el sueñoimagesCAE684NL de tu Casa Propia.  Existen una variedad de Préstamos hipotecarios que te permiten  hoy por hoy calificar con mínimo enganche.

La documentación básica para la mayoría de estos programas no es tan complicada, lo primero  es tu información personal en la aplicación de solicitud del préstamo hipotecario conocida como Forma 1003, información de tu trabajo,  ingresos mensuales,  historial de pago de la renta actual, y tu reporte de crédito.

Existen Programas del Gobierno y Prestamos Convencionales. Estos Préstamos Hipotecarios se ofrecen también con tarifas de intereses fijos, como  intereses variables.  Es muy importante que consultes con tu prestamista sobre cuales son las ventajas y desventajas de cada tipo de préstamo, para que puedas decidir más acertadamente.

Es recomendable que antes de iniciar la búsqueda de tu Casa Propia, te informes cual es tu poder adquisitivo para la compra de tu casa. Es decir, por cuanto puedes calificar.  Esta calificación preliminar te permitirá mostrar que cumples con los requisitos principales para que te otorguen un préstamo hipotecario.

Informarte de las opciones y alternativas que te puedan beneficiar a largo plazo, y que no te causen gastos no solo innecesarios pero costosos. Tu Casa es la mejor inversión, por eso cuídala! Para más información te invito a visitar mi página de internet: y sígueme en twitter @SandyFloresRE   en Facebook :   (714) 963-7462


Murrieta Listing – Back on the Market!

Murrieta Listing – Back on the Market!


Beautiful Home in a great community.  Open Floor plan with a large living room and dining area. Spacious family room with cozy fireplace. Lot of windows. Good 4 size bedrooms plus additional bonus room that can be used as studio, second family room  or , or even a 5th bedroom.  IMG_0478

Large and Open kitchen with lots of kitchen cabinets, center island and additional dining room area.  Backyard Is Private With Patio. Property is located On A Cul-De-Sac.  Close to Shopping centers, schools, parks and ez access to freeways.

Murrieta is a magnificent land blessed with verdant open spaces dotted with towering oak trees, sycamores, a valley of rich grasses and natural hot springs. The natural scenic beauty of the area and what is still by California standards reasonably priced housing continues to attract significant numbers of residents and businesses who are finding Murrieta a great place to grow. It’s a community with a past and vision for its future. One that welcomes challenges, takes risks, embraces opportunity.   Murrieta trailsguide

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Using FHA To Purchase Your First Home

Using FHA To Purchase Your First Home

Using FHA To Purchase Your First Home

By Sandy Flores

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA or Federal Housing Administration), which now belongs to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD, for its acronym in English), was established in 1934 to advance opportunities for Americans to be homeowners. FHA works to make home ownership not only a possibility but a reality. With FHA, you do not need a perfect credit history or a job with high salary in order to qualify to purchase a home.

 FHA MortgageActually, FHA does not directly fund your mortgage loan, but provides mortgage insurance for consumers who meet the requirements to obtain a more affordable mortgage. An FHA loan may be a great solution for you, if for example you’re a first time buyer with no bank account, no credit history or your credit score is low, etc., you can qualify for a loan under the FHA program.  FHA does require a minimum of 3.5 percent down on the value of the property you are trying to purchase. Compared to conventional loans, it is a very low down payment.

With the exception of a few additional forms, the application process for FHA loan is similar to a conventional loan. With new automation measures, FHA loans may be originated more quickly than in the past. FHA does not require minimum income. However, you have to check your repayment capacity through their regular income for at least three years.

If you have debt, FHA has no objection as long as their financial capacity allows to include all such obligations when making the request. FHA allows you to use about 29% of their income for housing costs and 41% for housing expenses and long term debt.

If you are renting, you need to see that you are not taking advantage of some of the benefits associated with purchasing a home. Interest rates have dropped dramatically and the value of properties in the market today are very attractive, particularly with a similar monthly payments that renters today are paying.

The best time to buy is determined by you based on all the factors that are currently experiencing. Buying a house has been and remains a good investment especially if you are well informed of your options, alternatives and obligations to make that purchase.

Buying a home is generally the easiest way to accumulate profit. Three out of four people have more equity in their homes than they do in asset retirement plans, mutual funds and savings through equity if they have not removed the short term through a refinance.

Get all the information you can to be more informed and also consider the help of a professional with experience assisting first time buyers, so you can be guided step by step detail on this important process is the purchase of your first home.

Remember that the more guidance and information you have, the more confident you become to make your home buying experience a pleasant and successful and financially successful.

Stay Educated!