Coming Soon in Bellflower!


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Located just 2 streets from Lakewood and less than a mile from Cerritos,  fantastic location. Direct access into 2 car garage and go to your home through the freshly remodeled kitchen boasting granite counters and built-in stainless steel appliances.

The dining & living areas have beautiful laminate flooring, new paint, lighting and smooth ceilings. The top floor offers 2  new carpeted master suites with walk-in closets and 2 remodeled full bathrooms. Enjoy central A/C & heat, large view balcony, vaulted ceiling, extra storage


¡Un complejo muy bien cuidado en la ciudad de Bellflower!   Localizado a  2 calles de Lakewood y menos de una milla de Cerritos aproximadamente. Una ubicación  fantástica.  Acceso directo al garaje para dos carros. Cocina remodelada.   Bonito piso laminado en el área del comedor, cocina y  livingroom.  2 Recamaras muy amplias con closet extra grande con carpeta nueva en el segundo nivel con el baño remodelad o. Balcón grande, aire acondicionado, pintura nueva, y espacio extra para almacenar.





UP to $125,000. to Purchase your First Home?

Yes! There are programs to assist First Time Buyers to purchase a home.  These programs are available to homebuyers that have not owned/held interest in a principal residence in the past three years.

These  Programs provide First time buyers a differed 30 years second mortgage loan that vary from $40,000. and up to $125,000. depending on what  city you’re applying and  availability of funds. Funds are available until used up…First come First served!

For these  homeownership programs, applicants must complete a pre-purchase homebuyer counseling program.

All applicants must be pre-qualified with the pre-qualification lender assigned to the property if they are interested in purchasing. However their first mortgage can be from any lender as long as the loan meets program requirements.

This First Time Homebuyer Program is being funded by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development HOME Program. GREAT time and BEST opportunity!




$125.000. ¿Para comprar tu Casa Propia?


¡Así es! Programas para asistir a Primeros Compradores esperan por ti.   Estos programas están enfocados para ayudarte como primer comprador de casa y hacer realidad el sueño de tu Casa Propia.

Estos prestamos proporcionan a los compradores un segundo préstamo a 30 años diferido. Estos pueden variar entre $40,000. hasta %125,000. dependiendo de la disponibilidad de los fondos.

Para todos los programas de asistencia para primeros compradores, los aspirantes deben completar una clase de Primeros Compradores como uno de los requerimientos mas importantes para ser elegible.

Así mismo, Los aspirantes deberán ser PRE-calificados con el prestamista asignado a la propiedad en particular. Sin embargo su primera hipoteca puede ser de cualquier prestamista mientras el préstamo cumpla con los requisitos del programa.

Este programa está financiado por el departamento de la vivienda y desarrollo urbano de los Estados Unidos HUD-HOME.  Este es el momento y esta TU gran oportunidad!

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El Alto costo de Rentar una Propiedad!


Cuanto te cuesta rentar una propiedad? Los precious de las rentas de Casas estan por las nubes. Sin embargo continua incrementandose la demanda de propiedades para rentar. Sabias que existen programas de asistencia financiera para el enganche de una propiedad si eres elegible. Cada condado y cada ciudad tienen programas de asistencia para ayudarte con la compra de tu primera casa. Aprovecha e invierte en tu casa propia, asi vas a incrementar tus ganancias para un futuro mejor!



Tienes un Prestamo HELOC?

Informate de la expiracion de este tipo de prestamo si lo tienes. Muchos de estos HELOCS estan iniciando a reactivarse y van con intereses muy altos y variables. Tu tienes la opcion de aplicar para una modificacion bajo el Making Home Affordable en segundas hipotecas o refinanciar tu propiedad combinando los dos prestamos en un solo pago.

Como siempre informate!



Boost Your Home’s Selling Price!

Boost Your Home’s Selling Price!

If you’re looking to sell your home for top dollar, in addition to “Location, Location, Location” there are some other suggestions you may benefit from, to get top dollar for your home!    child and father painting wall together

As the saying goes, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” While curb appeal gets buyers in the door, sellers who want to move their homes quickly need to take other steps.

The strategy varies by neighborhood and market conditions, but staging a house to appeal to the maximum number of buyers can make difference in how fast the home sells.

If you have a limited budget, here are some tips that can make your house to sell for a top dollar:

  • Add color to you landscape by either replacing flower beds or potted flowers, along with fresh sod.
  • Replacing light fixtures and plumbing fixtures will give your home a modern touch for a minimal investment.
  • Consider removing popcorn ceilings; however you need to be careful because popcorn ceilings of pre-1979 homes are likely to contain asbestos, and you need someone licensed to remove it.
  • Remove window treatments, unless they are current and high-end. That cuts the risk of turning off would-be buyers who don’t share your taste, and uncovered windows that will let more light into the rooms.
  • If you’re using your dining or a bedroom as an office for example, turn it back to their original use.
  • Replace dirty or worn carpet, you’re better off removing the carpet if there are hardwood floors underneath.
  • Unclutter your house by packing away items that you will not use on an every day basis. You want the new family to envision themselves living in the home.
  • A deep cleaning before you put your home on the market is a must, so everything shines.
  • Repaint all rooms in neutral colors. A fresh coat of paint also makes the house look newer and more modern.

With a few simple, low-cost tweaks, you can significantly enhance your house’s curb appeal. Focus on low cost improvements. Since every dollar counts, devote your time in renovations that’ll bring you a return.

La Venta de Casas muestran estadísticas alentadoras

La Venta de Casas muestran estadísticas alentadoras

Las Ventas de Casas  existentes, excluyendo las ventas angustiadas, muestran  actualmente estadísticas muy alentadoras.

home-salesEsto, según reportes de Trulia y de la Asociacion Nacional de Realtors, estas estaban en el 80 por ciento de su normalidad en Agosto.  El reporte de Trulia mostró también que los precios presentaban un 3.4 por ciento de devaluación en el tercer trimestre, una mejora marcada comparada con una devaluación del 13.5 por ciento en el momento que estallo la burbuja hipotecaria. Esto significa que los precios ahora están tres cuartas partes camino a la normalidad.

Las tasas de morosidad y las ejecuciones hipotecarias también han mejoraron mucho. Según Trulia y Black Knight la tasa de morosidad y las ejecuciones hipotecarias a nivel nacional bajaron dramáticamente volviendo casi a un 74 por ciento de su normalidad en Agosto. La disminución en los atrasos hipotecarios y ejecuciones hipotecarias han ayudado a estabilizar notablemente el sistema financiero y el sector vivienda en las áreas que fueron afectadas por la crisis hipotecaria.

Home sales show encouraging stats

Home sales show encouraging stats

Existing home sales, excluding distressed sales, are the most encouraging stats at the moment. These, according to Trulia and the National Association of Realtors, were 80 percent back to normal in August.

home-salesTrulia’s Bubble Watch also showed that prices were 3.4 percent undervalued in the third quarter, which is a marked improvement over the 13.5 percent undervaluation at the worst of the housing bust. That means prices are three-fourths of the way back to normal.

Delinquency and foreclosure rates also were much improved. According to Trulia and Black Knight, the national delinquency and foreclosure rate was 74 percent back to normal in August, the same as one quarter ago and up from 56 percent one year ago. The decline in defaults and foreclosures has helped stabilize the financial system and hard-hit neighborhoods.

Mortgage Rates slightly higher

Mortgage Rates slightly higher

Finding-a-refinance-rate-for-your-homeMortgage rates are higher today, leaving September as one of only 3 months this year with noticeable upward movement.

And today was an exception to that recent trend, but it’s tempered by the fact that yesterday’s gains were the best of the month.

The only downside is that the most prevalently-quoted conforming 30yr fixed rate for top tier borrowers remains 4.25% whereas it would have likely moved to 4.125% if rate went the other direction today.

These movement considerations may be small scale compared to what lies ahead.  Several big tickets events are coming up in the second half of this week and they stand a good chance to increase the level of volatility.

September:  Highest Consumer Confidence

September: Highest Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence reached its highest level since the Great Recession in September, according to the Thomson Reuters and University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

consumer-confidenceSeptember’s increase in consumer confidence is the result of optimistic outlooks on the overall economy and personal incomes.  The consumer expectations index rose 5.8 percent over the month of September, while the current conditions index fell 0.9 percent.

Additionally, a growing number of consumers expect their incomes to increase over the next year. The median income growth expectation reported in September was 1.1 percent, which is the highest expectation since late 2008. At the same time, more households anticipate income growth now than at any time since September 2008.

The renewal of income growth is particularly important for sparking consumer spending, and adding pending changes to monetary policy will make income gains prompt to boost even more consumer’s confidence.