Do We Rent or Own a House?

While we all need a roof over our heads, the big question is do we rent or do own a home?

While both renting and buying have their own sets of financial advantages, renting does appear to have an edge in this the economy.  Although we see the cost of renting going extremely high and getting higher, there are some financial reasons people rent.

Nevertheless, if you are renting keep in mind that you are paying some else’s mortgage. We understand that saving for a down payment for a home is extremely difficult if you pay high rent, and for all of you that thought that you have to have a lot of money for down payment, I have good news!   There are currently Down Payment Assistance Programs that help you get into a home if you’re First time buyer! Yes! And depending on the program you are applying you may able to qualified for Zero Down Payment, federal and state programs, or  county and cities down payment assistance Programs. What are those programs?  well these are Federal and state funded programs that help you bring more money into the table, increasing your down payment, and as result your monthly payments are a lot lower.   If you are renting find out about these Down payment assistance Programs.

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