About Sandy

As a woman, mother, real estate broker, entrepreneur, and speaker I have gone through many experiences that have shaped my beliefs and practices in the different areas of my life. As a woman, I believe in the power of a woman. As a professional, I have built my reputation on hard work, innovated thinking, and customer advocacy. I devote a lot of time to educate myself to keep up with the constant changes in the real estate industry to provide my clients with the best of my knowledge and expertise.
I am a hands-on broker, and passionately enjoy motivating families with enthusiasm to make a difference for everyone I come along during this journey. I feel so happy and humbled by the countless successful Home Selling and Buying’ stories in which I had the privilege to help procured, and I can only say that I feel so thrilled with the privilege of being part of such big accomplishments. What sets me apart is not what I do, but how I do it!