Bio: I moved to Orange County from Lima, Peru in 1986. I am happily married, have 3 kids and 8 grand kids that I love with all my heart. My goal was to become successful in this country. I knew that the United States was the land of opportunity for those willing to do their best to make their dreams come true. My parents, Luis Mora a Dental Surgeon, and Doris Olaechea a dedicated housewife and best mom for me tough me that in order to achieve my goals I had to work hard, envision a bright future, and last but not least keep always my family values above all. Ever since I could remember they have been right beside me supporting all my dreams, one by one. ​ As a former a teacher, my role has been a person who inspires and encourages other people to strive for greatness, live to their fullest potential and see the best in themselves. I am not stranger to working long hours and helping people reach their goals. I decided to get into Real Estate as another way to help families to achieve the American Dream of Home-ownership. My sense of motivation and commitment toward this goal, kept me going non-stopping. ​ I am very proud of being part of so many success stories from hard working people accomplishing not only the Dream of Ownership but also learn how to invest in properties. I have always put my client's best interest as my top priority. My marketing and negotiating skills are uniquely coupled with my ability to understand my clients’ tastes and needs. It’s one of the most humbling and fantastic feelings to be able to share such a major life event. ​ I firmly believes the successful listing or purchasing of a home takes the knowledge of not only an industry but also an area expert. Knowledge combined with years of established relationships in the real estate business and the community have helped me maximize my ability to make things happen for my clients.

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